Pet Preparation

At the Koch Insurance Agency, we love puppers. We even have our own office dog named Boh, the pupper of Trey Koch. Boh stars in many of our Facebook videos. (If you want your daily dose of cuteness, you can check out Boh’s videos here.) Because of our passion for pets, we thought it appropriate to review some key ways to protect your pets during severe weather. Read on to discover simple ways to take care of your precious friends when severe weather strikes.

1. Make sure you have a quality, relevant picture of your pet.

If you get separated from your pet during severe weather, having a quality picture of them can expedite the search process and equip others to search as well. Think social media, newspaper, etc. Of course, this may be a no brainer for you. If you’re anything like us, you already have more pictures of your pet on your Camera Roll than your spouse/kids/other loved ones. You’re in good company.

2. Check that your pets have collars and up-to-date identification.

Don’t forget collars and tags for your cats, too! If you have indoor animals, it is imperative to be prepared in the event they are stranded outdoors during a severe weather emergency. Make sure their identification information is legible and large. This way, a stranger can obtain the correct information from their tags.


3. Wipe their paws.

Some pet owners aren’t aware that de-icing salt is toxic to animals. De-icing salt has a sweet taste that tempts pets to lick the de-icing salt off of their paws. Wipe your pupper’s paws after you take them for a walk to make sure they steer clear from these dangerous chemicals.


4. Bring ‘em in.

Pets, like people, are far safer inside during severe weather. However, bringing your pets inside could provide emotional benefits for both you and your pets. Severe weather is unsettling for animals and humans alike. Bunkering down together could provide some emotional relief during a potentially scary situation. We just love our furry friends!


5. Consider Pet Insurance.

If your goofy friend is constantly getting sick or injured, it may be a good idea to consider pet insurance. Vet bills can quickly add up, forcing you to make tough decisions in the event your pet needs extensive care. It doesn’t need to be that way! Invest in pet insurance to protect your loving companion and your wallet.